"The Olympia community inspires, educates, and challenges each student to achieve personal success."


Welcome to the Olympia High School website. GO SPARTANS!

Welcome to Olympia High School

Welcome to Olympia High School

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Olympia High School.  We are a community of learners who come from eight separate towns located in the heart of Central Illinois.  We are proud of the staff and students of our school as we work to provide an innovative curriculum that focuses on ensuring that all students are career and college ready.  Our staff embraces practices that will challenge our students to engage in learning beyond the traditional means.  We also offer a variety of activities for students.  At Olympia, there is something for everyone.  Truly, at Olympia High School we are working to create an environment that “inspires, educates, and challenges each student to achieve personal success.”

Dr. Ed Jodlowski, Olympia High School Principal


Regular Schedule

Block                                      Begin        End

1st block                                  8:25            9:50

2nd block                              9:55            11:15

Jr/Sr Lunch                             11:15           11:50

Jr/Sr Advisory                       11:55           12:25

Fr/So Advisory                      11:20           11:50

Fr/So Lunch                           11:50           12:25

4th block                               12:30           1:50

5th block                               1:55             3:15


Late Start/AM Assembly Schedule

1st block:                                9:25           10:35

2nd block:                              10:37          11:47

(BACC dismissed at 11:15 for lunch)

Lunch/Advisory Jr.-Sr.       11:47          12:17 12:20        12:50
Advisory/Lunch Fr.-So.     11:47          12:17         12:30  12:50

4th block:                             12:52          2:02

5th block:                             2:05           3:15


PM Assembly Schedule

1st block:                               8:25            9:35

2nd block:                              9:40           10:50

Lunch/Advisory Jr.-Sr.       10:50         11:20           11:20           11:50

Advisory/Lunch Fr.-So.       10:50         11:20           11:20           11:50

4th block:                               11:55           1:05

5th block:                               1:10             2:20

Assembly                                2:25             3:15