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Updated 07.16.20

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COVID Planning & Guidance 20-21Return to School Plan Highlights
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SpartanHead Teaching and Learning

Updated 7.21.20


This section is dedicated to the Online Learning Platform for the 2020-2021 school year.

On 07.21.2020 Edmentum provided a webinar to Olympia families to demonstrate the K-5 and 6-12 platforms.  You can watch a recording of the session via the following link:

To confirm your spot in the Online Learning Platform for the Fall of 2020, please indicate your commitment using the form below.


This section is dedicated to the Remote Learning Plan which will go into effect if face-to-face learning becomes restricted at any time during the 2020-2021 school year.

Please start by reading the official district-wide plan: District Remote Learning Plan (to be updated with the 2020-2021 plan soon)


Please read the K-5 Family Curriculum Communication letter (Updated 4.24) first.

Grade Specific Learning Plans
  • PreK:  
  • Kindergarten: 
  • 1st:  
  • 2nd:  
  • 3rd:  
  • 4th:  
  • 5th:  

The document posted below includes a multitude free websites and resources for elementary students as well as Olympia specific links for purchased curriculum resources.


OHMS teachers will be in communication with their students on March 30th to share next steps for each individual course. Teachers will be relying on Google classroom, email and Google Meet to continue learning experiences for students.

Calendar School Events

Updated 7.16.20

Please refer to this section for the latest information on school events and travel. We will update our district through email, our school website, social media and app alerts of any changes in school events as soon as changes are made.

Spring Break Travel
Athletics & Activities
Dual Credit courses / BACC / Higher Ed connection

BACC students should sing into their chromebook and then switch to their district87 google account before accessing their BACC Google Classroom resources.


General Information

Updated 04.06.20

The IT department and building media technologists are working hard to provide an environment that will support learning opportunities at home with the technology we have available. Below is a list of high level supports that are now in place. Please continue reading for details about each of the supports.

  • Our K-5 students will have the option to bring a device home from school.

  • New technology support communication lines have been established.

  • Google Meet and Chat have been opened for staff and students to facilitate distance learning opportunities.
  • Google Classroom will be used by many teachers across the district to facilitate distance learning.  This video outlines how to easily submit student work in Classroom.

Please help support this new learning environment by monitoring your child’s use of technology at home and reinforce many of the simple digital citizenship guidelines that have been shared throughout the year. Most importantly, designate a “screen off” time each night.

Please watch our Technology Information and Q&A Live Stream by clicking on the following link

Device Information

Updated 4.27.20

  • iPads will be going home with families to facilitate certain learning opportunities.
  • If you experience device issues, please see the section below called “Device Repair”.
  • Updates for iPad apps roll out to all K-2 devices on a staggered release schedule.  If you find yourself unable to use an app because an update is required but it has not yet automatically loaded on your device, you can follow the following instructions to force the update.
  • Distribution will happen Tuesday March 31st and Wednesday April 1st, and will also use the bus route delivery system as needed.
  • Repair parts are limited for these devices. Please take care of them and use them for assigned coursework only.
  • The following statement has been placed with the iPads that are going home with students.
    “This device is being provided due to ongoing social distancing requirements. If you experience issues with the device, you can contact the IT department using the Device Repair Form that is accessible under the Links > Parents section of your school’s website. You can also call the technology helpline at 309-379-2843. iPad Specific: Please know that the availability of repair parts for iPads is limited at this time. Please use these devices for Olympia related learning opportunities and try to minimize scenarios where they may be damaged. This will help ensure that as many of our students have the learning tools they need during this closure. Additionally, filtering on these iPads will not be identical to what is possible when they are on our Olympia network. Please monitor your child’s use of this device, and set a time each night that the device is put away and not accessible.”
  • Devices are going home to families who request a device.
  • Distribution will happen Tuesday March 31st and Wednesday April 1st, and will also use the bus route delivery system as needed. More information on this to come soon.
  • If you experience device issues, please see the section below called “Device Repair”.
  • The following statement has been placed with the chromebooks that are going home with students.
“This device is being provided due to ongoing social distancing requirements. If you experience issues with the device, you can contact the IT department using the Device Repair Form that is accessible under the Links > Parents section of your school’s website. You can also call the technology helpline at 309-379-2843.
  • Student devices are at home as usual.
  • If you experience device issues, please see the section below called “Device Repair”.

Device Repair

Updated 3.20.20

If you are unable to continue your learning due to your Chromebook needing repair, our technology department will work with you to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We have set up a line of communication via this form, which is also accessible under the Parents menu from each of our Olympia websites. Please fill out the form and we will be in touch with replacement procedures.  You can also call the technology helpline at 309-379-2843.

We plan on exchanging Chromebooks in need of repair with replacement Chromebooks using the bus route schedule that has been established for food delivery. Please refer to that schedule in the food service section of this site.

With this new system, we will be exchanging Chromebooks. You will not be receiving the same Chromebook in return once it is fixed. You will be officially issued the new device and will keep it until it needs to be collected at the end of the year.

Google Meet & Chat

Updated 3.27.20

Olympia has opened up Google Meet and Google Chat for all staff and students during this time of distance learning. What are these tools, how can they be used for learning opportunities, and what details do you need to know as a parent or student?

Student Guidelines

The following guidelines need to be followed in this new distance learning environment.  Failure to do so will result in administration contacting home and potential consequences when in-school learning begins again.

  1. Students should NEVER be in a Meet session when a teacher is not present.
  2. Students should always practice appropriate communication methods which using Chat or Meet.  Inappropriate language, screen sharing, etc... will negatively impact the learning environment and will not be tolerated.
  3. Please review the student Acceptable Use Policy and remind yourself of the general technology guidelines that need to be followed as an Olympia Spartan.
  4. Students should NEVER record a remote learning session.


**If you are experiencing problems accessing a Meet from a Chromebook, your device may be out of date.  Follow these steps to make sure you are current!  Video: Updating ChromeOS

What Is It?
  • Allows for virtual classroom instruction via video conferencing using our district google accounts.
  • A short video to demonstrate the uses and best practices for Google Meet.
What will this tool do for us?
  • Attending virtual class sessions put on by teachers and faculty.
Addressing Concerns: Video chatting with other students

Information: Students cannot create video chat sessions.

How to Address: We highly recommend monitoring your student’s use of their devices while at home during this extended continuing learning situation. Basic guidelines to follow would be to set a time in the evening where devices are no longer used, and do not allow your kids to bring their devices with them to sleep.  Students should NEVER be in a Meet session where a teacher is not present.

Addressing Concerns: Recorded Meetings

Information: Teachers will have the ability to record the virtual class sessions. This will allow them to post the sessions to their secure Google Classroom pages. It will also allow them to record all of the typed messages put into the chat during a class session. This space will be used to ask questions about the content, and having the responses recorded will allow the teacher to respond to any concerns when the class has ended. Recorded sessions and chat transcripts are saved to the teacher’s Google Drive and will only be made available to students of that same class.

How to Address: If you have any concerns about the policy above, please reach out to your teacher.

Google Chat 
What Is It?
  • Allows for communication via text chat using our district google accounts.
  • Google Chat needs to be open for Google Meet to be open.
What will this tool do for us?
  • Teachers can create “rooms” that contain all students from a class to and engage in classroom chat sessions. Topics could include…
    • Week 1 Content Q&A
    • How Are You Coping Today?
  • Students can collaborate with each other on instructional activities.
Addressing Concerns: Students can chat with each other.

Information: ALL chat is stored in Google and easily searchable.

How to Address: Remind you children that they should use this tool to collaborate and any unacceptable behavior as outlined in the student AUP will be addressed by administration. If you or your child has any concerns, please reach out using the Anonymous Tip Line that is linked in the Student section of each building’s website menu.

WiFi Hotspots

Updated 4.14.20

If you obtained a Verizon WiFi hotspot during our first round of device deliveries between 3.31 & 4.1, the student device that was along with the hotspot should automatically be set up for use.  Should you need to set up an additional device on the hotspot, follow these directions.

  1. Power on the device by holding the power button on the bottom of the device. (It is the only button on the device.)
  2. The screen will turn on and display the Ellipse logo.
  3. Once booted up, the device may prompt “data usage not available”. That is okay.
  4. By clicking the power button, it will switch between information on the screen. If it does not switch from the “data usage not available” prompt, periodically click the power button until it does switch to other information.
  5. You will get to a screen that says “Network Name: Ellipse Jetpack ****”. This is the name of the Wifi network the device is broadcasting.
  6. On your device, navigate to the Wifi options.
  7. Select the Wifi network stated in Step 5.
  8. A password prompt will appear. On the jetpack device, click the power button until the Password screen appears.
  9. Enter the Password found on the jetpack into the password prompt.

Verify that your device has successfully connected to the wifi network. This process can work with multiple devices at the same time. This process will need to be done on each device that needs connected. To ensure the best connection, keep the jetpack close to the device or devices that are using it. If you have know areas in your home where cellular signal is weak, avoid using the device in that area. If you cannot connect to the device and it is powered on, repeat steps 5-9.

Jetpack 700L Specific Instructions

These WiFi hotspots (delivered after 4.14) should ALWAYS be plugged in to a power source.  If they are allowed to go to sleep, or power completely down, you will need to follow specific steps in order to get them working again.  If they stay connected to a power source, you will not need to worry about this.  Here are the steps if you need them:

What if I do not have a hotspot yet?

If you are currently waiting for a hotspot to arrive, WiFi can be obtained by going to your nearest WiFi Bus location.  These can be found here:

Blocked Websites

Updated 3.31.20

If you child is reporting a website as blocked, first follow up with them to see if they are seeing the Relay Filter block page (seen below).

Relay Block

If there are getting any other error, then the site is not being blocked by Olympia and is either being blocked on the home network or is inaccessible for some other reason.

If the site is being blocked, please report that information to your teacher and they will contact the IT department.

Twitter at OMS

Updated 04.09.20

Per the request of teachers and approval of Dr. Lee, Twitter has been opened for OMS students during this extended remote learning period.  This will allow some of our teachers to provide targeted learning experiences to students.

Restrictions have been applied such that Twitter is "read only", which does not allow students to post or comment when on the site. This is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce the digital citizenship skills that we preach at Olympia. Here are a few resources from Common Sense Education, our main source for digital citizenship instruction, that you may be interested in:

Help Local Resources

Updated 3.20.20

With these difficult times affecting people and having several families that have reached out needing food assistance, there will be a drive thru food pantry pick up over the weekend and into early next week.  There is a sheet that families need to fill out and return via email at mmwhitecottton@gmail.com.  Once the form is filled out and returned there will be an established pickup time to pull up, pop the trunk or open the door, and load their order up. Doing it this way will hopefully limit exposure to people and yet still allow access to the resources available.

I also know helping hands is doing a pick up this weekend and all that information for Stanford residents is on their facebook page.

Links Additional Resources

Updated 4.14.20