Research Assignment Pathways
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Some basic tips for doing a Google search
to help you find reliable websites

                                   What do the website extensions mean?


Commercial website.  Anyone can operate one.


Limited to educational organizations, such as schools and colleges.


Organization website – used mainly by nonprofit organizations, which can include schools


US Government  or state website

          To search Google for certain website extensions add site:???

Replace ??? with the extension you want.  For example dyslexia site:gov will only return sites about dyslexia that end in .gov

                                              To search within a website 

hit the f3 key, a search box will open.  Enter your search word and every time that word appears on the page will be highlighted

Sites: Student Projects:

Wheel Chair Engineering:  Mrs. Bowers

Big Ideas of the Constitution: Mr. Haak

The Cold War

Crime Lab: FBI Dossier

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt

Engineering Design: Foundation & Bridges: Mrs. Bowers 

Fads & Fashions: Mrs. Berry

First Amendment & Censorship: Mrs. Hapgood

Natural Disasters Project

Nonconformity and Intolerance in America: Mr. Abrams 

Persuasive Essay: Mrs. Uhlman 

Poetry Analysis Essay: Mrs. Meissner

QR Book Trailers Project: Mrs. Hapgood 

Reformers: Mr. Abrams 

Slavery Project: Mrs. Berry & Mrs. Uhlman 

Spanish-Speaking Country Project: Mrs. Cahill

To Kill A Mockingbird: Miss Hughes

Trojan War: Ulysses 

Urban Legends: Mrs. Hapgood 

Write On: Historical Newswriting: Mrs. Hapgood