How Will Assessment Information Be Reported

Olympia High School will continue to give students traditional grades A, B, C, D, and F even though we will be utilizing a Skill Based Reporting system.  All student grades will be reported on a student transcript and a grade point average will be computed for each students.

Student assessment work will be communicated given t
he following descriptions that reflect student mastery levels.  These levels do not equate to 4=A, 3=B, 2=C, D=1, etc.  These levels allow students to know where they are in the level of mastery and will define for the student the next step in their learning.  Some students will choose to reassess based on their level of mastery.  Students need to understand that a level of 3 indicates where they need to be while a 4 illustrates their ability to apply the skills at a higher level (their work reflects a model for how the assessment should be completed).  

Levels of Learning Descriptors



Advanced Skill Demonstration- The student demonstrates a complete and in-depth mastery of the content and is able to apply the knowledge and skills to additional areas of learning.



Skill Attainment- The student demonstrates an understanding of content.



Approaching Skill Attainment- The student is beginning to demonstrate a basic understanding of the required skills and concepts.




Beginning Skill Attainment- The student does not demonstrate progress towards meeting the expectations of required content.




Lack of evidence – missing or incomplete – the student will not be able to receive credit in a course if there is lack of evidence.

A student’s grade will be communicated to teacher, student, and parent through Skyward.  A grade is determined through an algorithm that weights summative assessments equally.  The algorithm will have an assigned score for 4, 3, 2, and 1.  This set score as reported in Skyward is the only time the number system will reflect a grade.  Students and parents will not see this algorithm or percentages. 


The grade that is determined through the algorithm should help a teacher, student, and parent know the progress that the student is making towards earning a set achievement level.  The final grade should not be lower than the grade the algorithm determines; however, a teacher may use his/her professional judgment to determine if a student may have his/her grade bumped up to the higher level.



The evidence of learning will lead the student to receive an individual grade

A - The majority of summative assessments are 4s with the remaining values being mostly 3s.

B – The majority of summative assessments are 3’s with the remaining values being mostly 2’s.

C – The majority of summative assessments are 2’s with the a few remaining values being 1.

D - The minority of summative assessment scores of 2 with the remaining values being 1.

F – A student has maintained only 1’s and has chosen no path for reassessment or the student has one or more X’s on a summative assessment.


INC - Student learning is still in progress. Incomplete scores are to be cleared by the tenth day after the new semester begins. The use of Incomplete is to be used only in extreme situations. If preponderance does not exist, the teacher is to look at the formative data and exercise professional judgment when determining the grade.