Reassessment Policy for 2017-2018

Summative Reassessment

Reassessment is offered to all students on all summative assessments.  It is best practice for a student to complete summative reassessment as soon as possible. 

•          If a student receives a 1, the student is EXPECTED to reassess.

•          Each teacher will work with a student individually to determine a time line and a time and place for reassessment.  Each teacher will set his/her guidelines for reassessment at the beginning of a course.

•          Students who have not completed the formative work in preparation for the summative may be required to go back and complete that work.

•          An extension of reassessment time frame may be provided for extenuating circumstances or demonstration of sustained efforts.

•          Teachers will determine which portions of the summative to reassess; the nature of some summative assessments will require complete reassessment.

•          Reassessment opportunities may occur during advisory period, Success Club, or within the instructional block.

•          After the reassessment, the highest grade will be reported.