Roles and Responsibilities in Learning


  • Responsible for completing all classwork, homework, or any other work required by the teacher in order to master the content.  Work will be completed in a timely manner according to the deadlines set forth by the teacher.  This includes any work for reassessment.
  • Required to seek help from teacher or other staff members when necessary.
  • Have good attendance and attend interventions or Success Club when requested or needed.
  • Exhibit good study behaviors and Spartan learner characteristics.


  • Communicate with teachers regarding student behavior, Spartan learner characteristics, and academic achievement.
  • Collaborate with student and teacher to assist in mastery of outcomes.
  • Log into Skyward for timely information on student achievement.
  • Communicate often and seek help/clarity if necessary from student and teacher.
  • Communicate with school officials if concerns arise.

Classroom Teacher

  • Teach department constructed curriculum.
  • Provide descriptive feedback about student achievement and growth toward master of academic outcomes.
  • Submit feedback in a timely manner.
  • Provide re-teaching and targeted reassessment work that is relevant and respectful to learning in task and quantity.
  • Provide students with a reassessment window.  It is best practice for a student to complete the reassessment process as soon as possible.  However, if a student shows sustained efforts toward learning or there are extenuating circumstances, an extension of reassessment time frame will be provided.
  • Communicate with students, parents, counselors, and other stakeholders regarding academic achieve and behavioral expectations.
  • Work in PLCs to collaborate on teaching and assessment strategies that help students achieve.



  • Counselor will communicate with a teacher when…
  • The teacher attempts to get the student to assess have not been successful.
  • The teacher’s attempts to communicate with the parent have not been successful.
  • Counselor contact does not need to be made if a student has only been absent for an assessment and arrangement have been made to make up assessment.