Semester Summative Assessment

WHAT ABOUT FINAL EXAMS?  Courses will now have final summative assessments that will be aligned to the skills of a course.  

All courses must have a final assessment (test, paper, presentation, performance, or project).  The assessment should be a reflection of student learning and should assess skills covered in a course.  This final assessment must come at least one day prior to the end of the semester.  The student must complete the semester summative in order to receive credit in the course; however, a student may waive attendance of the final reassessment date (final date of the semester) if he/she has earned a preponderance of 3’s and 4’s in a course and has obtained a blue or white card.


The summative assessment should be department aligned and approved and should be rigorous in its evaluation.


The semester summative can help a student’s overall course grade.  However, the student is expected to perform to the same level he/she has performed on throughout the semester.  Students who do not meet the same level of assessment will meet with the teacher regarding his/her performance or take an alternative assessment.