The Skills Based Gradebook


  • All gradebooks will include unit outcomes, skills, and information gathered to asses Spartan learner characteristics.  Teachers will report all formative and summative assessments.  Each unit will contain multiple formative assessment information reported.  Teachers will designate summative/formative assessments with the word SUMMATIVE/FORMATIVE or a designation S/F which symbolizes SUMMATIVE/FORMATIVE followed by the description of the assessment. 
  • Formative work submitted to the teacher will be recorded, but will be considered NO COUNT in the overall grade.  This information serves as learning evidence reported by the teacher.
  • Students must do ALL summative work to receive a credit for the course.  Teachers will submit the grade of X for work that is not completed on summative assessments.  Formative work not completed will also be recorded with an X, but “no count” is indicated on these assessments so the formative designation will serve as a form of communication with the parent.

 What Is Formative Assessment?

  • A formative assessment includes quizzes, exit slips, observation, or any evidence that provides teachers feedback regarding student progress.
  • Feedback on a formative assessment should be provided to the student prior to the summative assessment in a manner timely enough for student to be able to apply feedback toward mastery.
  • A formative assessment of Spartan learner characteristics will take place at regular intervals throughout the semester.


What Is Summative Assessment?

  • This form of assessment is an individual student’s evidence used for determining a summative score.  Evidence should include tests, papers, projects, or presentations. 
  • A student receiving a 1 on an assessment is EXPECTED to reassess.
  • Every summative assessment should have a rubric that outlines the level of learning indicator for 4, 3, 2, and 1.


The “4”

  • The “4” should not be an elusive mark; however, it should also not be easy to obtain.  Students should always be able to earn a 4 on a summative assessment, but the four success criteria should clearly illustrate advanced understanding and exemplary skill mastery (model work).  A student may be told that a formative is only capable of earning a 3, but that should be designated somewhere in the gradebook notes for the class.