A whole new outlook for OHS Baseball

By Spencer Smith, OHS Torch Reporter

Olympia Baseball to have a new outlook for the season this year, as they start off with 2 a day practices on February 27th. One at 6:15 am and one after school at 3:30! With Ron Smith, having his last year of being the Varsity Head Coach after so many years. He wants the team to succeed and make it far for his last year and realizes that the team this year has a lot of potential if they work hard.

Coach Ron Smith, spending his last year of Spartan baseball as a Coach after all of his years and State titles he won with his previous teams, is hoping that the team can step it up this year and make Olympia Baseball a name that people are scared of, a name that people want to play against and know it’s going to be good competition just like in 2009 and 2008.

Mark Finchum, Assistant Coach of Olympia Baseball, said “We have some experienced players coming back from last year and with the addition of our junior class we have the ability to have a very successful spring season. We can make it all happen by all players and coaches working hard and being accountable for getting better each day.”

Mark Finchum being the Assistant Coach, is to take over the Head Coach position next year in place of Ron Smith. Finchum has been the assistant coach at Olympia for many years and is the best fit for Head Coach. He will be joined along by Brad Jacobson, OHS Baseball’s new Pitching Coach and Jake Steve, OHS Baseball’s new Hitting Coach.

Coach Jacobson and Steve are both very serious about teaching the kids fundamentals and helping the Varsity/JV players. These coaches bring a whole new aspect to the team as they are new and the team now has new eyes and outlooks on how things work. The players really enjoy having them around and they feel as if they are serious and it makes this season just that more serious and competitive.

“The 2 new coaches seem like they know what they're talking about and I agree with most of the stuff they comment about. They give hints and tips to each of the players and I think that it will help us in the long run win a few more games, if each of our players are more educated about hitting and pitching.” said, Rece Finck, OHS Junior.

The Spartans are looking to make a big impact this year, as a player myself I see that we are taking this very seriously and aren’t messing around. We condition, hit and throw each morning and day to work on our craft and skills so we are ready for this season, as we struggled last year on our offensive side of things; hitting is a big factor in our success. Every player knows our potential and what we can do if we work hard and take every morning and after school practice seriously.
March 14th marks the first home game for the Olympia Spartans, against Tri-Valley High School. The Spartans are hoping to take this game and start the season off on a positive note and hopefully have a goal of being undefeated and winning each conference game.