All About Horticulture with Mr. Hoffman

By Auston Southerland, OHS Torch Reporter

At Olympia High School, there are many ways to get involved in agriculture, horticulture is one of them; Mr. Hoffman, the agriculture teacher at Olympia, talked highly about OHS horticulture dual credit class.

There are many Ag classes at Olympia, but this semester the big one is horticulture. Horticulture is the study of growing plants for their beauty, like house plants or flower beds. It also is about some food crops, including fruits, vegetables, and even nuts.

In horticulture, there is a lot to be learned, including how plants grow, proper plant care, floral design, landscaping and the hardest, plant identification, said Mr. Hoffman.

Things have changed the way this horticulture class is taught. Now that horticulture is a dual credit class with Heartland, it must follow the Heartland, and Illinois State curriculum which can be helpful to students. Students can earn college credit for less tuition than in college.

There are some prerequisites classes you need to take including Into to Ag or Ag Science, but some students are permitted to take horticulture if they have a real interest in horticulture and there is room in the class.  

The big project would be the semester-long project of keeping the plants alive and healthy for the plant sale at the end of the semester, said Mr. Hoffman.

Students who show an interest in plant science and or Horticulture should talk to Mr.Hoffman and take the class.  

There are many career opportunities and many homeowners like plants too. The career opportunities would include a contracted gardener, landscaper, greenhouse worker, or even a florist.   

Photo By Auston Southerland, OHS Torch Reporter

Photo of flowers growing in the greenhouse for the dual credit horticulture class.