Bank Board is A Blast For Seniors


By OHS Torch Reporter Carson Goff

On Tuesday, September 22, twelve students went the First Farmers Bank in Minier to attend the opening student Bank Board meeting for the year; students discussed marketing and sales techniques.

    OHS business teachers Mrs. Schroeder and Mr. Klokkenga are the sponsors of bank board; Mrs. Schroeder’s husband is also president of the bank.

    Applications were available in the first part of September. Students are asked to write an essay about why they would like to become a member. students needed multiple teacher recommendations. Any junior or senior could apply, but an interest in the business industry is strongly suggested.

    “Students gain real world knowledge and the ability to make marketing decisions in a business, but my favorite part is definitely the Thanksgiving feast they provide for our November meeting,” said sponsor Mr. Klokkenga.

    Senior Katie Bergeron is a member of bank board this year and she said she didn't know much about bank board, so she wanted to explore it and further her knowledge.

    The first meeting focused on marketing and sales techniques, how to make logos and all the things required to be in advertisements, The students also got to make their own commercial to promote a free checking account.

    “I also feel like this will benefit me in the future because I will have more knowledge about how banks work and how to set up accounts, even though I do not want to do anything involving banking in my future, Bank Board will definitely help steer me in the direction I want to go,” said Bergeron.

    This year the bank board has twelve members, including: Bekah Bauersfeld, Katie Bergeron, Tristan Davis, Karl Fasse, Carson Goff, Bailey Hoerbert, Ellie Martin, Sarah Marsiglio, Shannon Morr, Emily Risinger, Logan Robb, and Lucas Smith.