Baseball Opening Day Halted Due to Snow

By Spencer Smith

Olympia’s baseball team ready for the season to start, but they are halted by snow conditions that came out of nowhere and covered the field and cancelled the game for March 14th.

Caleb Miesner, OHS Junior, said “All of the guys were really excited for our first game against Tri-Valley this week, we've been preparing a lot and taking practice seriously and it sucks that we have to wait to get this season started even longer.”

The weather being atrocious the last few weeks with it being warm the first week of March, then of course on game day and game week for Olympia, snow comes in and it's cold below 30 degrees. The players are annoyed with the weather and have been working really hard for this win against Tri-Valley.

The Spartans game to be rescheduled on Wednesday of the following week on March 22nd. Olympias now first game will be played this Saturday on the 18th of March, against Morton on the Home field. With the rain coming and conditions of the field the Spartans are worried that once again their opening day energy will be ruined and they will have to wait even longer.

OHS Sophomore, Leighton Rutherford, said, “Yeah, I really just want to get this season started and see who is all playing where and all the players and parents are really wanting this to get started, it’s been awhile and we are ready.”

Many players on the baseball team, working hard in the off-season and preparing for this season to start are really on the edge as they just want to play and show off what they have what they didn't have last year. The baseball team hoping that their season this year goes well, and they finish with over a 500 record or even get to sectionals and hopefully state.

Ron Smith, OHS Head Baseball Coach, had a meeting on Wednesday of March 15th for all of the players to talk about what they wanted to achieve this year and their goals as a team and an individual. The team talked about a motto to follow to win for games this year than the following years and a way for the team to get a way to get their Olympia name back, where other teams are scared to play them.

OHS Senior, Austin Wise, said, “The meeting the other day was all about our goals and what we want to accomplish as a team, we picked 4 words; Team, Preparation, Energy, Mindset. Which we need to follow to accomplish one goal, and that is to win.”

OHS RHP Spencer Smith, throws a bullpen to Catcher Kyle Gaither as he prepares for Opening Day.

Photo by: Spencer Smith