Boys Track Looks To Run Over Competition

By Charles Payton


            The Olympia Boys Track team is looking to top stellar performances from last year Juniors Kyle Rader and Zach Kingston, with them returning track season is looking bright for Olympia.

            “I ran cross country so that will help with my endurance, and playing basketball was to help keep me in shape for this year”, said Senior Zach Kingston when asked what he has done to prepare this off season for this upcoming track season.

Zach got to sectionals jumping 5’11” last season. He is expected to top that height this season.

“I’m expecting 6’3 or 6’4 this year,” said Zach when asked how high he is expecting to jump this season.

 “I’ve been training a lot longer just trying to rack up the mileage up just like I did during cross country,” said Kyle when asked what he has done this offseason to prepare for this track season.

Kyle says the events that he is looking forward to are the 4X8 and the 1600. Sounds like Cross Country will definitely come in handy when going into those events.

When asked what events he felt he would improve in, Kyle wasn't hesitant with his answer, “The 1600 and the open 8.”

It is obvious that the track season will be full of competition but with Zach and Kyle returning they will have a pretty good chance at being a solid team to beat this year.