Brand New Faces Join the Mr. Spartan Contest

Mr. Spartan competitors Rece Finck (left) and Blake Stine (right) prepare their talents on the auditorium stage. Photo by Luke Litwiller


Brand New Faces Join the Mr. Spartan Contest

By Luke Litwiller, OHS Torch Reporter

            March 10th will mark a new chapter in the Mr. Spartan contest as 10 brand new competitors attempt to take home the crown with their own unique brand of talent.

            For those not familiar with the Mr. Spartan contest, it is an event filled with tradition and is similar to a talent show. There are five parts that make up Mr. Spartan, including the dance performed by all participants, the sportswear portion which allows the participants to represent their sponsor for the event, the talent portion where all competitors perform a prepared skill on stage, the formal wear competition which allows the participants to display their sense of fashion, and the questions which are asked by a panel of judges that and test the participant’s ability to answer quickly with precision. The winner is decided by a combination of the judges’ decision and audience choice.

            The 2017 contest is a rarity because there are no competitors returning from last year. This provides the ten Mr. Spartan contestants with the opportunity to bring their own original twist to the Student Council sponsored contest. The 2017 cast of Mr. Spartan consists of: Junior Rece Finck, Senior Zach Kingston, Senior Nathan Schulz, Junior Blake Stine, Junior Trey Wilson, Senior Matthew Althoff, Junior Griffen Jodlowski, Junior Brock Gottschalk, Junior Dillon Marris, and Junior Mason Rousey.

            All competitors are confident in themselves and their ability to win. Some competitors are more confident than most, such as Junior Rece Finck

            “Yes, I think I will win because I have the rawest ability and I’m pretty awesome,” said Finck.

            Even though all of the competitors want to win, do not expect a huge celebration from the winner of the event. In fact, participants asked about potential post win celebrations gave an answer based around some sort of humble celebration.

            “If I won Mr. Spartan, I would probably just accept the crown and go home and celebrate with my family,” said Junior Blake Stine.

The participants of Mr. Spartan are not taking this event lightly. There is a lot of pressure on all these guys and most of them are feeling it.

“I am definitely feeling the pressure because I’m going up against a lot of good competition. I’m just trying to avoid having a nervous breakdown,” said Senior Matthew Althoff.