Cheerleaders 2016 Wrap-up into 2017

By Aaliyah Nickum, OHS Torch Reporter

            The Olympia High School Cheerleaders are just finishing up the rest of basketball season. The girls have worked very hard to get to be the point of ending the season.

            Chloe Hilt, Cheer Captain, said, “We have worked a lot harder this year and in the past because we don’t have as many girls as we have had in past.”

            There have been allegations that Cheerleading should not be considered a sport. Other athletes say that they don’t work as hard as football or basketball players.

            Working as a team should be one of the number one things team should be working all the time on. Also work together to get over problems with other cheerleaders on the team.

            The Cheerleaders have worked very hard on learning new stunts and getting more girls to learn to tumble. Most of the girls took private lessons for tumbling stunting.

            Having workouts during season help the girls with agility and staying in shape. Working on stunts helped them know what stunts they are capable of doing and when appropriate to do each of them.

Tryouts are to be held in late April or early May. The clinics usually last about 3 days and then another day for actual tryouts.