Clay Tiles Spark Imagination

f Clay Tiles Spark Imagination

By OHS Torch Reporter Breanna Goodman

The Olympia sculpture class started a project the past few weeks that had a great amount of creativity, challenges, and imagination; art teacher Ms. Pitcher gave the students a project they will never forget.

Working with clay can get messy and difficult, but these students came out on top with this challenge. Clay is a wet annoying material that sticks to you and anything it touches, and dries pretty quick so you have to work timely and diligently.

“I always get nervous cutting out clay because you can't put it back,” said OHS senior Samantha Mitchell.

Designing these small clay slabs the students had to use both additive and subtractive elements. This means they had to cut parts of the clay out and add more to other areas making them 3D in a way.

No requirements were put into place for what was to be on the tile. Each student had a unique idea and their own challenges.

Many students are thrilled to join sculpture because of the projects Ms.Pitcher has planned. The clay slab will be one brought back next semester.

“I really want to do sculpture next year because it looks like so much fun!” says OHS Sophomore Breanna Beck

Ms.Pitcher said she is excited to see some faces back in the art room to do some sculpting. So get out a join the class and challenge yourself with art.