Exclusive Look Behind the Scenes of Olympia’s Dance Team

By Paedra Tabor

We can always depend on Olympia’s dance team to entertain fans and represent Spartans at our basketball games; take a look behind the scenes of our very talented Oly dancers.

            As we look back into the recently passed season, the dance team has done exceptional at all of their performances. The new captains of the dance team, Vittoria Cira and Addie Ewalt certainly did a flawless job alongside their new coach Shelby Maurer.

            Coach Maurer has truly brought a flare to the dance team this season as a new coach. For the dance members, they couldn't be any happier to have her here at Olympia helping them not only as their coach but as a close friend/sister/motherly figure as well.

            “I think this season went great; wasn't perfect but pretty close,” said Senior Becca Pratt about her senior year on the Olympia dance team this season.

            When it comes to the challenges for the dancers, they had little to none besides the new stunts they were required to learn but even then they performed them almost effortlessly. The team really pulled together this season as they worked together to make their performances truly perfect.

            “My favorite part of the dance team was when Mr. Castleman told us the music wasn’t going to work at Senior Night’s dance performance but then the music started,” said Vittoria Cira Senior, about the dance team’s triumphant comeback Senior Night.

            The dance team has really showed its colors this season as they interpreted different dance styles into their performances. Many of those styles include hip-hop, pom, and jazz although many of the dance team members found more of a liking to jazz.

            As for the dance team’s next performance, they won’t be performing the rest of the season, but their dance banquet will be coming up very soon. The season may be coming to an end for this year’s dance team but as for next year; the Olympia Dancers are looking into not only performing at our home basketball games, but also looking into competing.