FCA Growing Fast at Olympia High School

By Blake Blessing, OHS Torch Reporter

FCA started as a small group at Olympia High School last year, but as of late the group has turned into one of the fastest growing clubs throughout the school.

FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is a national organization. Mike Jones, OHS social studies teacher, began Olympia’s FCA program last year with about only 20 members. This year, this club is pushing 60 members.

At first people think fellowship of Christian athletes is only for students involved in sports, but it is open for any student wanting to join. Anyone who wants to join can go to meetings in the OHS gym, or can sign up to be a leader for next year.

Every other Friday, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has a meeting in the high school gym. Meetings are open to anyone who wants to go. The meetings will open up with a guest speaker. Then, there will usually be a game or some type of activity. Following the game, people will get their name drawn for door prizes. The group will pray to end the meeting.

FCA meetings are either first or second lunch. Sometimes food is provided for certain occasions.

Junior Jackson Castleman said, “FCA has a group of student leaders that discuss future events and gatherings. The student leaders include me, Blake Blessing, Morgan Aldridge, Addie Ewalt, Dylan Marris, James Davis, Carley Martin, Carlee Streenz, Kelsey Lessen, and Hannah Birkey.”

Once or twice a week, the leaders will meet to discuss future gatherings, meetings, or any events they wish to have in the future.

FCA is currently working on finding more events, such as a movie or possibly a lock-in at a local church, that allow for more student participation in the near future.