Four Olympia Wrestlers qualify for State!

Keaton Fogler finishes in first place as sectional champion. Photo by Olympia Activities Website

By Cameron Hutchcraft,OHS Torch Reporter

After making it through regular season, regionals, and sectionals, four of Olympia’s wrestlers headed to State finals last week as the school held a congratulations walk for the boys.

The IHSA State Wrestling Tournament was held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on February 15th, 16th, and 17th. The four boys that qualified for the finals were excited and planned on bringing home a trophy.

The boys have powered through many obstacles this season. Lane Miller, OHS junior wrestler, says, “Regionals were rough, I got sick halfway through, but actually finished better at regionals than at sectionals.”

Miller says his favorite part about wrestling is meeting all the different people at events. At sectionals, he took it one match at a time so that he could move on. His record on the season was a solid 36 wins and 12 losses.

Keaton Fogler, OHS senior and wrestler was the sectional champion at this year’s event. Lane Miller finished second, Austin Weaver third, and Wesley Litwiller fourth. All these wrestlers’ were more than excited for state finals and planned to “bring home the gold,” says Fogler.

Fogler headed to state with 41 wins and 3 losses. This was the best record from anyone on the wrestling team this year. His favorite part about regionals and sectionals was pinning both of his kids in the finals. At sectionals, he said he was ready to go and just wanted to get the job done, which he did. He says his plan for state was to, “wrestle like I always do, just go out and perform.”

Wes Litwiller, OHS junior wrestler, is one of the four who qualified for state. He placed fourth at sectionals. Wes said, “I’m excited to move on to state, hopefully I can pull through and get the dubs.”

All of the qualified wrestlers were super excited for state. Keaton earned a second place medal and Weaver earned a third place medal. Austin Weaver, OHS senior wrestler, said before leaving, “I’m nervous because it’s state but it’ll be a good experience and I’m excited for that.”