Freshman Mentor Program Guides Class of 2019 through Life at OHS


By Ellie Martin, OHS Torch reporter

Established four years ago, the OHS Freshmen Mentor Program has continued to provide insight, skills, and assistance to each freshmen class on how to succeed throughout their high school years.

Each of the 15 freshmen advisories receive three to four assigned mentors at the beginning of the year. These mentors help assist the freshmen three days every week by answering questions and providing homework help.

Freshmen Mentor David Bell said, “Our goal as mentors is to assist the freshmen in any way we can. We hope to teach them to be hard working and show how the effects of this skill will benefit them in the long run. We also hope to advise them with any questions they have and to bond them as classmates.”

On Monday’s the mentors focus on a specific activity or skill they hope to teach the freshmen. These activities include team building games and study skills that help them prepare for exams.

Freshman Erica Arbogast said, “I really like having the mentors in advisory. It’s nice to have help there whenever you need it. They have also helped me learn how to study for my tests.”

The mentor process sheds light on the positive impact of having older students guide them through their first year of high school to get them on the right foot. Freshmen Mentor Collin Schopp said, “The freshmen really grow as students throughout the year. They become a lot more comfortable with us as mentors and each other as an advisory.”

In previous years, the Freshmen Mentors have coordinated Freshmen Fun Night consisting of inflatables, games, and refreshments. However, this year they are planning to host a freshmen picnic when the weather allows. They hope it will be a fun experience for the freshmen and a way for them to bond as a class.

The Freshmen Mentors have recently finished introducing the incoming freshmen to the high school at orientation in February.  In August they will further this process though Freshmen Flight School that occurs the day before the first day of school. This allows the freshmen to walk through their schedule and familiarize themselves with their teachers and classes before they resume from break.