Lady Soccer Spartans Train for Another Winning Season

By Andres Alberts, OHS Torch Reporter

            The Lady Soccer Spartans will work on a variety of skills before their season begins, such as ball possession, kicking, and communication in order to get their third winning season.

            Thursday, February 2, was the start to soccer conditioning at OHS. Seniors this year plan to help new and younger players improve their skills as well as make the new team members feel comfortable and confident on the team.

            Goals for 2017 seniors are to improve their passing, running, scoring, and getting in shape said, Christina Kessler and Becca Pratt. They know in order to do all those things they can achieve their 3rd winning season in a row.

The Lady Spartans have always until their first game in March and their first actual practice on February 27, but they want to start the season strong. Seniors want to focus on endurance. They feel that their endurance will help them win games so they can play longer without getting tired.

            Midfielder/Forward Christina Kessler said, “My role as a senior off the field is to help underclassmen as much as possible and set a good example. On the field as a midfielder/forward I have to focus on offence and defense as well as make chances for other players in order for them to score.”

            One underclassman stands out every year, said Coach Koeppel. Freshmen or new players always surprise Coach Koeppel during the start of the season. Freshmen are vital to the team since most of the girls that come out for the season are freshmen.

            OHS Girls Varsity Soccer Coach Matthew Koeppel said, “The number one thing we need to work on this season is possession. Possession is the key to great passing and keeping an eye out for other players who are wide open and can score.”

            Overall, Coach Koeppel wants the girls to have fun and enjoy soccer. Not as many girls know how to play soccer or watch soccer. But getting more girls to play and to learn the sport helps them enjoy something they never knew they would do in high school.