NHS Hosts School Improvement Week

By Cara Geurts, OHS Torch Reporter d

Olympia’s NHS held a School Improvement Week from February 27- March 3 where the freshman were able to interact with each other and understand new characteristics to apply throughout life.

Each day of the week had a different component that National Honor Society members focused on teaching the freshman. The characteristics that represented that week were collaboration, perseverance, respect, and responsibility.

NHS President, Katie Adams, said, “We based the week off of the four characteristics, we worked with the freshman to help install the material so they could use it during high school.”

As an NHS member, I participated in this week and was able to see how the freshman responded to the activities during lunch. Everyday, they played a game that helped present the characteristic, followed by a short conversation.

When asked if she thought this week was successful, Mrs. Steve, NHS Supervisor, said, “I do think it was successful, everybody did a good job of making the activities fun and the freshman always seem to like to interact with the upperclassmen.”

In order for an event to be acknowledged, lots of preparation and planning must take place. NHS members started organizing the School Improvement Week two weeks before the scheduled date. Responsibility was put on everybody in order to accomplish everything needed to make the event rewarding.

This week was also a learning experience for the NHS members. They had to learn how to interact and entertain the freshman while still teaching them vital skills.

“Anytime someone is put in a leadership role, there is a learning opportunity for them,” stated Mrs. Steve regarding the NHS members.