NHS Sponsors Leadership Week

   by Robbie Gaston, OHS Torch reporter
Teaching, leading, and guidance are the biggest characteristics that the NHS focuses on, while staying ahead in school and their community; recently National Honor Society sponsored a leadership week focusing on these traits.

            Katie and her fellow NHS members work many hours in order to improve the program. Sixty-five plus members work to serve Olympia and its community. Founded in 1921 the NHS has been emphasizing on what they learn each day which helps them keep the growing knowledge.

            “I love working with all the different groups of people, and doing all the service projects,” said Macy Pfeffer, NHS vice president.

“It is a great opportunity to work with and lead the freshman through their journey of high school, teaching them what to do in order to get the full experience,” stated NHS president Katie Adams.  

            There are some qualifications to becoming a member of the NHS. You must have a 3.5 GPA, and be active! Applications are distributed to eligible students in March. The NHS is not just a local program, but national, hints the name. They are looking for recipients that show character, scholarship, leadership, and service.