New Softball Coach Brings New Promises to OHS


By Nathan Schulz, OHS Torch Reporter

            Olympia High School hired Courtney Hoffman as the new head softball coach last fall bringing hype to the dugout and high hopes to the upcoming 2017 season for the players.

            Coach Hoffman is no stranger to being a head coach. She was the head softball coach at Monticello high school where she led her team to a 2A State tournament where the team took home a Third Place trophy in 2014.

            Senior Kendra Peifer is excited for this season and the new experience Coach Hoffman brings to her final year in the program. It may take some time to adjust to the new things the coach brings.

            “I really like what she brings to the table, she led her previous team to a State Tournament,” said Peifer.

            Coach Hoffman is really excited to step into the big shoes as a head softball coach at OHS. Her goals for the season seem realistic for her first season as the coach.

            “I really want to have a successful season and to continue the winning tradition that has been built for this program,” said Coach Hoffman.

            Peifer thinks State is an option for the Spartans, but they have to improve a few things about their team to get to East Peoria. The offense needs to pick up and continue the stellar defense they have.

            Hoffman is no stranger to the softball girls. She has been a Physical Education teacher at Olympia the past two years and has been the head coach of the Varsity Girls Basketball team.