New Transfer Takes on her First Sport at Olympia

Emme Olson Final.jpg
By Hannah Talley, OHS Torch Reporter

            New transfer junior Emme Olson from Hartsburg- Emden digs out her first sport at Olympia with the goal in mind of attacking AP classes and continuing her academic and softball career at Illinois State University.

            Emme transferred as a junior at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. She is currently enrolled in 2 AP classes. She also played volleyball in the fall and she plans to play softball in the spring.

            “The mind-set I had coming into Olympia was I wanted to challenge myself in AP classes and pass my exams. The college process is hard and long, so I thought it would be beneficial for me to start taking classes early,” said Emme Olson, junior.

            Emme has two older siblings who played important roles in her life. As she was growing up, she was around the game of volleyball watching her sister play and travel to all the tournaments. While Emme was younger, she was a manger for her sister’s team and just fell in love with the game.

            “It was a no brainer that volleyball would be a part of my life. I am a competitive person and was determined to be just like my sister Abby,” said Olson.

            Even though Olson has only played volleyball at Olympia for one year, she has left a tremendous impact on players and coaches. Head coach Taylor Cremeens couldn’t even begin to describe the type of player Emme was and how much she loved having her on her team.

            “Emme was an absolute joy to coach. She's every coach's dream! She works extremely hard and competes at a very high level. She also challenged me as a coach because as a captain, she wasn't scared to say, "Hey what would you think if we tried this?" And I loved that because I'm only one person with one perspective and she would help me see a situation from another angle. She was willing to do whatever I asked even if she disagreed and that is so refreshing. I can't say enough good about Emme,” said Taylor Cremeens, Head Coach Varsity Volleyball Team.

            After talking with OHS senior captain Sierra Priebe, it was clear that Emme was the dream player every coach wish they had. With all the love Emme received, it is impressive that she was only enrolled at Olympia for 2 months before the season started.