OHS Bank Board Students Gain Experience from the Bank Community


                                 By Aleigha Hutchcraft, OHS Torch Reporter

Olympia High School Students attended the first student bank board meeting this week at the First Farmers State Bank; In this meeting the students learned about sales and marketing.

The first meeting for the 2015-2016 student bank board was held Tuesday, September 22, 2015. The students meet at the front doors by 11:15am and are gone through advisory and 4th block. The bank board meetings are held once a month, normally the last Tuesday. The meeting are held in the board room of the bank. They talked about sales and marketing.

“In our first meeting we talked about the roles played in the bank with sales and marketing, we also talked about how everything involves sales and/or marketing. We made our own radio ads for the bank,” said Bekah Bauersfeld, OHS Bank Board member

            The students involved this year are: Shannon Morr, Ellie Martin, Katie Bergeron, Bailey Hoerbert, Carson Goff, Karl Fasse, Genna VanWye, Tristan Davis, Logan Robb, Lucas Smith, Bekah Bauersfled, Emily Risinger, and Sarah Marsiglio. These students are going to be able to gain knowledge from these meetings to use in their later lives.

The teachers associated with bank board are Mrs. Connie Schroeder, Business Department teacher, and Mr. Josh Klokkenga, also Business teacher. Mrs. Schroeder has worked with the bank board for several years.

In the bank meetings, students will talk about things like marketing , operations of the bank, Customer Service, CEO perspective, Loans, and Human Resources. For each topic they have different guest speakers, like Dena McDonald, Linda England, Brenda Henderson, LeAnn McDonald, Amy Crump, Shelly Schultz, Brian Schroeder, Steve Timmermann, Alisa Lancaster  and Carol Sims.

            “Student bank board does enhance your application for college, employment, scholarship. It can lead to employment at the bank or scholarship opportunities,” said Schroeder