OHS Dance Teams Season Comes to an End.

By Taylor Yeazle, OHS Torch Reporter

OHS Dance Team will see their season comes to an end on February 15th at the boys basketball senior night game; there's only one dance team member Addie Ewalt graduating.

The Dance team had Senior Addie Ewalt, Juniors Jordan Cummings, Sydney Ledbetter, Jordan Miller, Hannah Thomas, Sophomores Sarah Kingston, Kate Finchum, Emma Kindred, and Freshman Payton Curry, Madison Benson, and Ali Beachy and a new coach Haley and learned to grow as a team this year.

Senior Addie Ewalt said, “ I feel pretty good about this seasons, we had a lot of new girls come out this year and they really stepped it up, we got a lot more tricks for the whole team like head springs and kip ups, we also got to do a lot more types of dances this year.”

The dance team had a really successful season some of the highlights were the homecoming week dance to the mance team and the teacher dance.

Junior Sydney Ledbetter said, “Learned how to make things work to make the team successful.” The girls found that Coach Haley was very easy to talk and reliable.

The dance team came up with a new idea this year called the Golden PomPom. For a girl to win the Golden PomPoms, the girls votes on who was the hardest worker and Coach Haley talleys ups the votes and presents the PomPoms to the girl with the most votes.  

When asking what the girls’ best memory from the season, Junior Jordan Cummings said, “The best memory was at team bonding over the summer when Haley got her boot stuck in the mud at Matthiessen State Park.  

Senior Addie Ewalt said “ I’m sad that the season is coming to an end, but I have choreographed enough dances’ and I have gotten some dances and tricks down from freshman to senior year and I have improved a lot.