OHS Following USDA Lunch Guidelines

By: Jadyn Talbert, OHS Torch Reporter

        OHS Following USDA Lunch Guidelines d

Olympia High school cafeteria, managed by Mr. Lon Abrams, tries hard to meet United States Department of Agriculture's guidelines while still serving tasty lunches for students and teachers each day.

The USDA has special guidelines for all high school cafeteria’s to follow when serving food to their students. Their goal is to offer healthy lunches while encouraging students to make healthier choices.

“I do not feel like school lunches encourage me to make better eating choices, I am usually more hungry when I get home,” said Olympia Senior Madison Wille.

With all the strict guidelines provided by the USDA, Abrams is still always finding new ideas to make lunches better. Abrams has found a way to bring in a new cheeseburger called the “Spartan Burger.” This burger contains 100% beef and is filled with cheese.

Abrams plans to ask10 students to test the new “Spartan Burger” before it becomes an option. If accepted, the burger will be a new option for students during lunch.

Abrams plans to start finding new ways to add whole chicken into the meals. His first plan is start selling it in a ranch wrap. The new chicken wrap will be able meet the USDA guidelines and also be a tasty new choice.

The USDA contains standards such as having a lunch that is no more than 850 calories and containing 51% whole grains. It requires a serving of fruits and vegetables for each lunch served.

So far Abrams has not found a way to bring back some favorite lunches, such as pork tenderloins, mac and cheese and regular gondolas while making them still meet USDA standards.  That’s a challenge for the future.