OHS Intro to Business Class Enjoying their First Step into Business

By Andres Alberts, OHS Torch Reporter

            The freshman coming into Olympia High School are already enjoying all the projects and hands on activities in class as well as getting the full experience and knowledge of business.

            A couple weeks ago the 2nd block intro to business class was selling their own creations of items to sell to the OHS students and teachers. The was one of the many projects in the class with more yet to come. Its gives the students an opportunity to market and sell their product says Kelly Cummings, Business Teacher.

            Chad Little, a Freshman in 2nd block Intro to Business says, “Intro to Business is very interesting and I like that you get to socialize in the class. It helps me with my communication skills.”

            Intro to Business is a class that understands the concepts of business and taking all the knowledge in the class to create your own. It may be hard, but one day in the future it could help you land a job in business or create your own business.

            In business, you have to do many hands on activities as well as communication skills. A couple of freshmen in the 2nd block class say that they want more hands on activities. They say it makes them think better and they get out of their seat.

Ramazan Bekteskoski, a Freshman in 2nd block Intro to Business says, “It’s a fun class and I really enjoy it. Plus, I get to learn more about marketing and knowing how to advertise.”

            Most of the kids in the class are thinking about pursuing a field in business says Kelly Cummings. I know that some of the kids I’m teaching in my Intro to Business class will go on to take more business classes that we offer here at Olympia.  

            Business is really important and students at a young age in high school learning the aspects of business is a great. Young students will one day shape this great nation and to get a head start on the marketing viewpoint is the first step.