OHS Plans For New Gym Next Year

By Blake Stine, OHS Torch Reporter

The image above is a mock that the Olympia administration put together for the new gym being put in this coming summer.

Picture courtesy of Dr. Olsen

In the summer of 2018, Olympia High School administration plans to renovate its gym with new plastic bleachers, shaded gym floor, freshly painted walls, and maybe even a painted ceiling.

This coming summer Olympia High School plans to renovate the whole entire high school gym. Administrators such as Mr. Castleman, Dr. Jodlowski, Dr. Olson, and Dr. Wise have been working very hard to get this new gym plan ready for next year.

This renovation will include brand new bleachers. “The current plans are to replace the bleachers. We will most likely go with a more modern look bleacher that is colored instead of the wooden bleachers” said Mr. Castleman.

The updated gym will also include a new gym floor. Every summer Olympia gets a new coating of wax on the gym floor but this coming summer they will be getting a whole new floor put down.

“Most likely there will be some kind of a combination like inside the three-point line will be a different shade than outside the three-point line.” said Mr. Castleman. Administrators have decided to include some sort of two-shaded coloring into the gym floor.

Administrators of Olympia have also decided to repaint all the walls in the gym. They have also looked into ways to paint the ceiling of the gym because of the “scummy” look to it now.

“We will be replacing individual State Champion sign with a banner for each individual.  Additionally, we will be replacing the aging team State Appearance banners with updated vinyl banners and mounting them on the back wall above the bleachers."said Dr. Olsen.

Another possibility that has come up is adding a digital screen in lobby area. This digital screen will show records and pictures from past years and such.