OHS prepares for Prom, Night of a Thousand Lights

By Katarina Dickhut, OHS Torch Reporter

Olympia High School Junior class board has started preparations for prom, scheduled for April 28 at the ISU Bone Student Center; this year, students will make DIY decorations to save money.

“I’m really excited for prom because we’re doing a lot of DIY stuff and there has been a lot of good ideas to make sure everyone has a great time this year,” said OHS Junior class board member, Emma Miller.

Tree silhouettes, light posts, and trees wrapped in lights are just a few of the decorations that might be seen at the dance this year. The theme for this year’s prom is Night of a Thousand Lights.

Although creating the decorations will be time-consuming everyone attending will benefit from the saved money. The money will go towards the cost of the venue and After Prom.

“We are really trying to keep everything that we had last year at after-prom for this year,” said OHS Junior class board member, Claire Mercier.

Last year some of the popular activities at After Prom included a basketball tournament, inflatables, glow in the dark laser tag, and a hypnotist. Additionally, there were food and drinks available.   

“My favorite part of After Prom last year was probably the hypnotist because it was so funny to watch but I also really liked the photo booth,” said OHS Senior, Addie Ewalt.   

After Prom starts after the dance and goes until 4 am. Students are not allowed to leave until the event is over.