OHS Yearbook Flips Through Another Year
By Taylor Rich, OHS Torch Reporter

The Olympia High School yearbook is something many of the students purchase; however, how much do students know about the “behind the scenes” aspect of creating the yearbook?
    Mr. Joel Brigham, who was hired in 2004, is celebrating his 12th year of being the advisor of the OHS yearbook. He spends almost all year working on the yearbook, including during the summer. “I work on it until about the end of June, then we start back up in August at the beginning of the school year,” said Brigham.
    But is being in the yearbook for everyone? Brigham said, “No. Some students have even been fired. The yearbook requires self motivation in order to get things in by the deadline. It’s an after school activity. I can’t force students to come. They have to act responsibly.”
    Mr. Brigham handpicks the students in yearbook. He admires them and sees them as reliable. Junior Jesse Wyse, editor in chief stated, “When Mr. Brigham is stressed, he makes jokes.” Junior Sam Mitchell added, “[Mr. Brigham] works hard to make the yearbook good.”
    If you are looking to join the yearbook, applications for the fall are handed out in the spring. Students are chosen in May, towards the end of the year.
    Brigham feels that the hardest task for yearbook students is to sell ads. “Most of the students are not too sociable.”
    The yearbook is hoping to get more people to buy the yearbook. According to Wyse,, “We want to get more people interested in the yearbook.”
    The yearbook will be distributed during homecoming week on Thursday, October 8th, at the carnival. “There will be limited extras,” said Brigham.