Olympia Band Students Work Hard To Bring Us Music

By Hannah Deuel, OHS Torch Reporter


During Pep Band season, Olympia High School band students, under the direction of Mr. Brubaker, are planning for future events, practicing their music every night, and doing Google Classroom assignments.

They have a concert coming up on February 27th. It is a collaboration concert with Heyworth.

Their last performance was the Christmas concert. The band played some pieces that weren’t traditional Christmas music. According to Cloe Spracklen, OHS Sophomore in band, they did fantastic.

Students are not required to memorize music for concert or pep band. Emma Spracklen, OHS Senior, said that she memorizes it anyways. “It just happens from playing it over and over again.”

            A new program in band this year includes Google Classroom assignments. Cloe has said that she spends an hour every night on them. Emma said she does not enjoy them.          

“My favorite part of band is concerts. Nothing’s better than performing something you’ve been working really hard on and doing it well,” said Emma.

            Both Emma and Cloe Spracklen said they chose to join band because their mom made them. Emma plays the clarinet and Cloe plays the baritone and is in color guard during marching season.

            There are different seasons in band. There is marching, concert, and pep. Marching is during the summer and fall. Concert and pep overlap in the winter and spring. Emma said her favorite is concert because she’s more skilled at it. Cloe said that she prefers marching because it is more physical and not just sitting there.