Olympia Color Guard Holds Tryouts For Next Season

By Hannah Deuel, OHS Torch Reporter

Pictured from left to right: Cloe Spracklen, Christina Kessler, Brittany Lescher, Hannah Deuel, Lindsay Eaton, Hannah Missel

The Olympia High School Marching Band’s color guard team will be starting a new season this upcoming summer with tryouts being held after school during the third week in March.

The color guard is the group of people that spin flags with the marching band. They perform at halftime for home football games and at competitions. They also march and spin in parades in the summer with the band.

Tryouts will be held on March 13th-15th and 17th from 6-8pm. Everyone is welcome, and there are no skill requirements. Both boys and girls can tryout.

            “Going to guard practice and competitions was one of the best experiences while I was in high school and I wanted to share that with others,” said Brittany Lescher, OHS color guard coach, regarding why she chose to become a coach. She’s been a coach at Olympia for 2 years, and this season will be her 3rd.

            When asked if she would recommend doing color guard to others Hannah Missel, color guard member of last year, said “Of course I recommend it to others! It is super fun to show off your moves and live that flow life bro! As long as you can keep a beat and have two arms, you can do it.”

            To that same question Brittany said “Yes. It’s a fun experience and it teaches you some skills that will help in life, and for me personally it broke me out of my shell and made me more social. And it’s nice to have such a huge group feel like family and make lasting relationships”

“The only bad part is when the group is sad we didn’t place. Also the attitudes when I’m pushing them past their comfort zones,” said Brittany. She said she is excited to have a new group of people to teach.

“It’s hard at first, but once you can do the basics, the hard stuff doesn’t seem as hard,” said Hannah Missel regarding the difficulty level.