Olympia FFA Wins Record Book Competition

by Josh Kindred, OHS Torch reporter

Olympia FFA participated in the section SAE record book interviews and came home with 3 first place books the competition was held in Pontiac on Wednesday February 15th at 5 pm.

Olympia FFA members Ashley Miller, Karmen Glueck, Claire Springer, and Nate Weihmeir all participated in the section record book competition. Karmen, Claire, and Nate both had three other contestants in their class while Ashley stood alone with no other competition.

Ashley Miller, Olympia FFA president, said “yes I was still nervous being the only person in my class because I wanted to make sure my interview went well so I knew what to expect at the district level.”

Ashley Miller and Nate Weihmeir both won in their respective areas placing first and advancing to the district level. Karmen and Claire both placed fourth but agree they have room for improvement.

“I knew I wasn't going to place well-being my first year and having very little in my book but it was a good experience and I learned a lot of good interview skills.” said, Olympia FFA vice president, Claire Springer

There are many areas to compete in with your record book Karmen competed in vegetable production, Claire in safety, Ashley in beef production, and Nate in Crop production. All contestants must compete in the area their record book is on. Doing this makes sure everyone's book is on the same information and they have a same interest.

“I would encourage people to compete and have a record book because it teaches you the skill of how to keep records on a project or job you already have,” said Olympia FFA secretary, Karmen Glueck.

Karmen and Claire will both be competing next year and hope to do better than this year and hope to have new members go and compete. They plan to host record book work nights to help out incoming freshmen and sophomores who want to compete and have a record book.