Olympia High School Bank Board Gains New Skills

by Cara Geurts, OHS Torch Reporter

The Olympia High School Bank Board, who has 13 members, has attended several meetings at First Farmers State Bank this year, discussing different topics involving the operation of the bank.

The OHS Bank Board meets approximately once a month for the entire school year. They leave school after second block and are usually gone for about two hours, only missing one class.

The purpose of this program is for students to get a taste of banking as an adult. Some topics they have covered are loans, customer service, and human resources.

This year, there are 13 bank board members. These students applied and were selected based off of several factors.

Mrs Schroeder, Bank Board Sponsor, said, “We look for students who have good grades and good attendance and are involved in activities. We also look how many business classes the students have taken since Bank Board is sponsored by the Business Dept.”

Students seem to benefit by being a part of this program. They learn vital skills and knowledge that are necessary in life.

Bank Board member, Madi Wille, agreed by saying, “We learn things from the bank that

you will need for adulthood.”

The application process has multiple steps. Students have to get two teacher recommendations, write a short essay, and answer questions on why they would be a good addition to the program.