Olympia High School Media Center Goes Through Remodel

By: Cody Gibson, OHS Torch Reporter

In the image above is of the new and improved Olympia media center being utilized by students.  Picture By: Cody Gibson

Over the summer, Olympia Flexible learning space went through many revonavations, making the space more beneficial and group friendly for students; the old books were donated to help with hurricane relief.

Over the summer, the OHS Media Center received a facelift with new chairs, tables, and booths. The area also has a new floor plan, which included taking away the computer lab and eliminating books to allow more space for new items.

The new furniture is very appealing to the eye and comfortable to sit on. The new furniture includes booth seats, high top tables, tables on wheels, and comfy leather loungers.

Senior Kyle Timke said, “ I am Happy the renovations were made in the library because it makes it a lot more comfortable, relaxing, and likes being able to write on the whiteboard walls and tables.”

Group work is the main focus in the new Flexible Learning Center. The Media Center may have lost the laptops but now uses two big screen tvs to give presentation and gives a relaxing and quiet place to focus on a speaker.

“It is very comfortable and flexible for classes to use because it is very open and accommodating because tables and furniture can be moved easily,” said Mr. Haak.

Library aide Mrs. Watkins said,  “The media center is better without laptops because with the laptops more space was taken and also it was hard to have two classes working and talking at the same time.”

All books removed from the library were placed in a book sale and others went to other schools throughout the Olympia School District. A majority of the books went to Texas to help get schools back on their feet after Hurricane Harvey.