Olympia Student Present the Bloomington Area Career Center

Several OHS BACC students pose for the Torch by the BACC sign outside of the main campus. Photo By: Janelle Birkey

By Janelle Birkey, OHS Torch Reporter

Thirty-five Olympia Juniors and Seniors attend Bloomington Area Career Center, a vocational development school housed within Bloomington High School with off-campus programs, studying in 10 different career fields every day.

Junior Danielle Magee said BACC is, “A career development facility that helps develop skills for certain careers.”

BACC offers 14 programs for 1st year BACC students, 10 programs for 2nd year BACC students, and 3 programs for 3rd year BACC students. Olympia does not allow third year BACC.

First year programs are labeled as such because they either only take one year to complete or are the beginning year of a multiple year program. One first year program is EMT Basic for Seniors only and takes place in the morning from 7:30 am to 9:14 am. Olympia has two students in EMT Basic, Seniors Brandon Jones and Kyle Cheeseman.

Jones was in Health Careers and Medical Terminology as a junior. When asked how that applies to his current class EMT Basic, Jones said, “Health careers and medical terminology applies to EMT Basic because it helped develop the professional language.”

The rest of Olympia’s 35 students attend the program during third section from 12:31 pm to 2:15 pm. On average, there are 3 Olympia students per class.

However, some classes such as Metalworking Operations have a limited number of slots available. Metalworking allows only three seniors and two juniors per school.

Metalworking falls into the category of Construction/Architecture. When looking at the programs, they fell under four categories to group them together: Construction/Architecture, Medical-based, Computers, and Miscellaneous.