Opportunity and Persuasion Save the Boy’s Swim Season

By Brooke Finchum, OHS Torch Reporter

After heavy persuasion by senior swimmer Hunter Schuerman and a major recruitment mission, Mrs. Pitcher, OHS art teacher, decided to take on head coaching position of the boys swim team.

Persuasion from Hunter,a four-year swimmer, is what really reeled in Mrs. Pitcher to take the job of head coach. Being a member on the swim team all of his high school career this coaching recruitment meant a lot to him. Mrs. Pitcher participated in competitive swimming in her childhood giving her even more motivation to step in.

Mrs. Pitcher said, “He seemed bummed there was no coach and not enough swimmers to have a team his senior year. After a big recruitment mission, enough swimmers joined the team to make it viable, and the rest is history.”

Being a new coach comes with challenges for the coach and the team members. Mrs. Pitcher’s biggest challenge has been learning the behind the scenes of coaching which includes the organization and communication for meets to run smoothly.

The dynamics of the team and how much they have improved throughout the season is her favorite part of coaching the swim team. Also she appreciated the teamwork between the boys and how much they support each other. The 2016 boys swim team roster includes Hunter Schuerman, Jakub Kolmasiak, Jaime Gonzalez, Josh Kaminski, Levi Boyd, Leighton Rutherford, Jake Spaid, and Jackson Castleman.  

“This season is much more relaxed; a little difficult to adjust to having a new coach but we all get along really well,”said Schuerman, senior captain.

Both the swimmers and Mrs. Pitcher have worked on adjusting to all of the new changes and challenges as the season carries on.

The season concludes with a sectional and state meet. Saturday, February 18, is the sectional meet where the boys will compete to try to make it through to the state meet.