P.E. Holds Volleyball Tournament

By: OHS Torch News Reporter Wesley Israel

OHS PE teacher Mrs. Hoffman said, “They are fun to watch, but not everyone has the same skill level.”

In OHS PE classes, the first couple days of the volleyball unit are skills days, where students learn the rules of the game. Most students don’t like these days because they don't get to actually play.

“The kids argue a lot over the plays, the score, and whose team is better, “said Mrs. Hoffman.

With the tournament, the teams play hard to claim first place. Some of the best players of the P.E. teams are Bailey Rogers and Sam Flack.

The teams are formed by random pick from the teacher of the class. The tournament is a bracket which means if you win you advance to play the other team that won. If you lose you play the other teams that have lost.  

“I don't like the game, so I try my best to avoid the ball when it comes to me,” said Grace Frye, sophomore.

Students like to make their own rules throughout the games. They don’t follow the rules that are made or they create their own to make the game more interesting.

Kids get upset when they lose to a team and like to say that they cheated to win. The locker rooms are full of arguing over if the play was fair or not.