Physics students fascinated over Field Trip at Bradley

By Nate Weihmeir OHS Torch Reporter

            Olympia students had a great experience when former and current Physics students attended a Bradley University Physics Day to broaden their knowledge on different lessons in Physics on February 24th.

            This was the 7th annual event of the Physics day. At Bradley University, high school students were given a tour of the facilities at Bradley and shown the different aspects of being in the Physics field at a 4-year University.

            There were 12 Olympia students who were chaperoned by Science teacher Mrs. Benjamin. While on campus, they were given tours of Physics classrooms and labs.

            “It was a lot of fun to see all the different machines that are used in the Physics field as well as some insight as to what is done on a daily basis in college and in the career field”, said senior student Samantha Mitchell.

            A big aspect to this year’s trip was looking into astronomy history. Students were able to see the change in the universe and how it’s observed from here on earth with very expensive research equipment.

            “It was fun to see the different experiments and see the different classrooms that were used in the Physics field, I had no idea how much stuff they had”, said junior student Caleb Meisner.

            “It was awesome to hear from Dr. Wong (Bradley Professor) and see how he goes about showing us high school students and get us interested in the field of Physics”, said junior student Nicci Van Dyke.

Along with Samantha, Caleb, and Nicci the other nine students to join them were Simon Waltz,, Brooke Bastian, Michelle Dial, Katarina Dickhut, Addison Ewalt, Brenley Miller, Rebecca Pratt, Shelby Siltman, and Austin Vieth.