Preparing for Mr. Spartan at OHS

By Kaylee Withey, OHS Torch Reporter

On March 9th, OHS Student Council is hosting Mr. Spartan, where a group of Junior and Senior boys come to compete in a pageant for the title of Mr. Spartan.

Mr. Spartan consists of ten boys: Josh Kindred, Blake Stine, Isaac Riegler, Griffen Jodlowski, Josh Kaminski, Dylan Maris, Matthew Nelson, Jackson Castleman, Sam Webb, and Ethan Schopp. The boys have been practicing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the past six weeks in preparation for the pageant. Addie Ewalt, OHS Senior, has been helping choreograph the dancing and getting the boys ready for the big day.

“For the most part I feel the guys have been showing up and really taking the dance head on,” said OHS Senior, Addie Ewalt.

During the morning practices, the boys have been learning a dance to perform during the pageant that consist of five songs. They have currently learned four of the five songs and have five practices left to perfect the dance.

Since the dance is coming along so well the boys have started to put their own spin on it, showing their personalities, which helps appeal to the judges and students.

“I have been around Mr. Spartan a long time and have learned from past mistakes and how to appeal to students not just the judges,” said Mr. Spartan Contestant, Jackson Castleman.

Adding personal touches to the dance allows the boys to draws in the audience and appeal to the judges. Having fun with the dance is not only amusing for the audience but it also makes it enjoyable for the boys.

Tickets for Mr. Spartan will go on sale the week before the pageant and will be available that night at the door. The pageant will start around 7 pm on March 9th.