Rathbun Plans to Bounce Back After a Rocky Past Season

By OHS Torch Reporter Robbie Gaston

The Olympia Spartans football team have some hefty plans for this off-season and following season; there will be quite a few changes in how things are going to run.

The Spartans have had a rising problem of numbers in the past years. They have some plans in order to conquer the problem, Whether or not they are going to work is up to the players.

“ We have many focuses for this off-season, including recruiting. Its up to the players to get people to come out, they know what needs to be done,” said coach Rathbun.

Jackson Lane, an upcoming senior is ready for next season. His intense workout sessions and insane bulking diet are his way of getting to the beast that he is. He makes himself responsible for the outcome of this season.

“ Hands down, I will be the best player on the field. My size and skill level will trump all my opponents,” said Lane.

Strength and speed have been a past problem for Olympias team. With low numbers in the upper class, it has been a rocky road for the Spartans to find that strength and speed, now they have been focusing on recruiting more than training.

To add to the Spartan’s hardships, they have had to completely convert their offense. Coach Castleman, originally from Lexington High School, came to Olympia with his new and unique offense in hopes to flip the outcome of the spartans season.

“The offense is staying the same, but responsibilities for some players will be changing,” said Coach Castleman.