Scholastic Bowl Season in Full Swing!


The Scholastic Bowl team listening intensely to a question during a meet against Normal Community. (Players from left to right: Matthew Althoff, Evie Roberts, Jared Cline, & Griffen Jodlowski) Picture taken by Kalvin Byrd

by Kalvin Byrd, OHS Torch reporter

The Scholastic Bowl team is heading into Sectionals with a full head of steam and lots of enthusiasm after fun, but sometimes trying, season of Scholastic Bowl in which the team compiled a record of 6-12.

For those of you who might not know, Scholastic Bowl is a game where two teams made up of five players on each team who answer questions by buzzing in while the question is being spoken. These questions can range from hard to easy depending on the question sheet used and have questions from all kinds of different topics including Math, Science, Social Studies, Music etc.

When a question is then answered correctly by anyone team, then that team gets the chance to answer three bonus questions, but if the answers given are incorrect then the opposing team gets a chance to answer the bonus questions.

When asked why Scholastic Bowl is a worthwhile thing to participate in and if it's any fun, Senior Christopher Magee said “ I play Scholastic Bowl because I have a lot of stuff that I know and in Scholastic Bowl I get to use that information”. Some people might want to show off their skills in knowledge or memorization by being in it or some people might want to find out new things that they didn’t know before.

The Olympia Scholastic Bowl team has a small, but good core of players, the team consists of Evie Roberts, Matthew Althoff, Jared Cline, Griffen Jodlowski, Rebecca Kath, Christopher Magee, Morgan Aldridge, and Kalvin Byrd. The team is coached by Kent Hieronymus.

The usually list of teams that the Scholastic Bowl team faces include Central Catholic, Lincoln, Cornerstone Christian Academy, Prairie Central, Normal Community, Streater, U-High and Pontiac.

A lot of these teams are very good teams though as evidenced by the Spartans 6-12 record. In most of their matches the Spartans either win by a little bit or lose by a pretty good margin, for example a couple of weeks ago at Central Catholic they beat Prairie Central 265 to 250 then lost the following match to Normal Community 425 to 60.

The Scholastic Bowl team is fast approaching Sectionals in the next couple of weeks, but when asked when the date for Sectionals was Coach Hieronymus said “It is probably going to be around the second week in March”. Until then the Scholastic Bowl team will keep chugging along in the pursuit of knowledge.