Student Council Lends a Helping Hand

By Paedra Tabor, OHS Torch Reporter

On February 19, Olympia High School Student Council plans to give back to the community by volunteering at local nursing home in Hopedale as their community service for this month.

It’s around that time of the month where OHS Student Council go out of their way to help out the Olympia community. Every month, they strive to do something different for the community. This month they all plan on going to the nursing home in Hopedale.

Volunteering at the nursing home has been a personal favorite for the Student Council, having volunteered there in the past multiple times. They enjoyed it and the residents at the nursing home loved it as well.

“I really enjoy it because I think it’s good for us to hear the resident’s stories and experiences,” said Natalie Stone, Co-President of Student Council.

Due to the nursing home being located so close to the high school, transportation isn't an issue. Many students drive themselves or take the bus.

At the nursing home, the Student Council members not only help the residents, but also entertain and give them company as well. Games are played along with doing arts and crafts with the residents.

“I really like going to the nursing home in this community and making an impact on our community along with creating bonds with the residents,” Maci Pffefer,other Co-President of OHS Student Council, says.

As for future community service projects, we are excited to see what Student Council has in store for us. Out of the many different community service events, volunteering at the nursing home will be their all time favorite event. The residents of the nursing home find their volunteering just as fun and memorable as they do. Maci and Natalie