Students Levitating for Photography Class

By OHS Torch Reporter Raquel Long

            Olympia High School art teacher Mrs. Pitcher started teaching levitation photography the first semester she began working at the school, creating a fun and exciting learning zone for all students.

            “I saw a photographer doing levitation and thought it was amazing and that my students should be doing that.” Said OHS art teacher Mrs. Pitcher

            Levitation photography started around 1948 and is used to express someone in a series of ways. One of the well-known levitation photographers is Natsumi Hayashi.

            “I’m trying to express myself in the series as someone free from Earth’s gravitational pull. In being free of gravity in the photographs, I am also not bound to societal conventions. I feel as though I am not tied to many things and able to be my true self.” Said photographer Hayashi

            This process begins with finding your setting and model. Think about what setting would comply with the meaning you want it to have. Then the fun begins.

            Set up your camera on a tripod so the camera won't move. Take a few pictures of just the background, then put your model into place and any object needed for them to sit or stand on.

            Once you model is in position take a few shots. Then have your model try other positions. Once you have your shots taken upload them onto a computer.

            Open up Photoshop and the best background shot, along with whatever picture of your model you choose. Then go to your tools on the left hand side and select the Lasso tool to cut yourself out, once you cut yourself out into a new layer, use the brush tool and take away some of the extra details. Then you are all done or you can be extra and edit the images even more to make it look more realistic.