Success Club Offers Students Help in the Classroom

Mrs.Hapgood helps student persevere in Success Club  

By Griffen Jodlowski,OHS Torch reporter

Success Club is a service provided by the school and that gives students extra homework help outside of the school day;Success Club is staffed by OHS teachers who help students with assignments.

Success Club is hosted in the flexible learning center on every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30pm. Success Club starts a few weeks into the semester and ends a week before the last day of school.

Success Club gives students the opportunity to setup times to work with a teacher individually. It also gives students the opportunity to use  technology for school projects and papers.

This service started before Mr.Hurley became assistant principal.Who said the club has helped students evolve in the classroom as well.

Mr.Hurley said, “We have seen an increase in grades when a student has came on a consistent basis, but it won’t help if you come once.”

Senior Kendra Mleko commonly helps with Success Club by tutoring students for NHS. Currently she works personally with a 7th grader and answering questions for other students that need help.

Kendra believes that students get more done when they come to Success Club instead of going home and doing homework. Freshman Chris Shaffer regularly attends and his grades have steadily increased from 8th grade to freshman year.

Success Club is a great resource that the school provides for students. If you are struggling and need some extra help, try going every Tuesday and Thursday.