The Olympia Ag Programs Encourages Anyone to Join and Try Something New

By Hannah Talley, OHS Torch Reporter

            Olympia High School’s Ag program is one of the strongest programs in central Illinois. Currently there are 90 students enrolled in FFA or involved with the Ag program.

            “I would describe Olympia’s Ag program as a very strong determined program. We keep ourselves busy with many activities throughout the year. For example, we are involved with feeding the farmers in the fall, as well as FFA competitions that last throughout the year. We also participate in many community service projects,” said Ashley Miller, Senior and FFA President.

Mr. Hoffman second year FFA advisor and Ag teacher is glad to be back home doing what he loves. His favorite Ag class to teach at Olympia is intro to Ag, but he does love them all equally. He is also happy with the new Ag class being added next year called Ag Leadership and Development.

            After talking with Mr. Hoffman about how his first two years at a new school has gone, he said “Every School is different but I’m grateful for how the FFA program has improved and growing. I love that I’m back home where I grew up and close to my family. I also love how I know many of my students’ parents and I am able to catch up with them and see how they are doing,” said Mr. Hoffman, OHS Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor.

            After talking with students who have been around Ag all their life it was interesting to learn the background of the students and why they are so involved. For some, family played an important role and others wanted to try something new.

            “I have been around Ag all my life. I know that when I grow up I want to pursue a career in the Ag field. I plan on taking all the Ag classes I can with Mr. Hoffman to help me become successful,” said Reece Douglas, Freshmen.

            “I have taken every Ag class at Olympia. In my 4 years at Olympia I have had 3 different teachers. But once Mr. Hoffman got here everything changed. You could tell he is very passionate about his work. He wants us all to be successful and make the best Ag program at Olympia,” said Andy Davis, Senior.

            Whether you are involved in Ag at home or live on a farm or have had zero experience with Ag. The Olympia Ag program encourages anyone to join and participate in as many activities as they please. Don’t be afraid to try something new.


OHS FFA Vice President Claire Springer and Secretary Karmen Glueck, Juniors, Model by the OHS FFA Blue wall while holding beautiful bouquet of flowers. Photo Taken by OHS Torch Reporter Hannah Talley.

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