This Semester OHS Key Club Made An Impact

By Ashlyn Biddle, OHS Torch reporter

        This semester, OHS Key Club has been involved in several service projects in the nation such as donating blankets to hospitals, collecting money for UNICEF, and ringing bells for the Salvation Army.

        During advisory a couple weeks ago, Key Club members were able to make blankets or decorate socks for children in hospitals. The blankets that OHS Key Club donated to local hospitals were made out of fleece material by the students. Also the socks decorated by students were non-slip for the kids in these specific hospitals.

        The Key Club Vice President, Ellie Martin, said, “When I decorated socks in advisory for young patients in local hospitals, it was a lot of fun!”

        The OHS students in Key Club we’re given earlier this semester, different cardboard boxes to raise money, for an organization called UNICEF. The organization, UNICEF, is a United Nations program headquartered in New York City that provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.

        Another way OHS Key Club members served our community was by ringing bells at different locations around the area, for the organization, Salvation Army. The organization, Salvation Army is a Christian denomination church and an international charitable organization structured in a quasi-military fashion.

        Nikole Barnes, an OHS Key Club member, said, “I had volunteered to ring bells for the Salvation Army this semester and it was very impacting!”

        Every student that is in Key Club at OHS got to be involved in these service  projects. When the members of Key Club volunteered at these service projects they got to earn volunteer hours to put on their hour sheets.

        Bekah Bauersfeld, OHS Key Club President, said, “I can’t wait for next year, our Key Club group will help so many people around us!”