Ultimate Frisbee Coming Back to Olympia

Tis the time of year for the Olympia ultimate frisbee players to come back together and begin their second Intramural season at Olympia High School, brought on by Alex Castillo.

Guidance Counselor Mr. Castillo is looking to bring back ultimate frisbee for its second season at Olympia High School. In it’s inaugural the squad had a good turnout and a lot of fun.

Coach Castillo said, “We had 15 players brave the 6:30 am practices every Friday morning. I had a lot of fun coaching this season and I had think the players had a lot of fun.”

Senior Jadyn Talbert said, “I had a lot of fun playing last year.”

Castillo’s goal is for in a couple years to be competing in ultimate frisbee within the IHSA. His ultimate goal is to bring an ultimate frisbee state championship to Olympia.

Castillo said, “This year will be more like intermural with some possible games against other schools but ultimately I want to bring a state title to Olympia.”

Talbert who caused the gruesome injury to the senior Kolby Timmons said, “I will continue to play hard like I do.”

Looking long term, Castillo wants to host another tournament like they did last year in the future. “It probably will not happen this season but I would like to do it again in the future,” said Castillo.